Breakfast Fund-raising Day

It's December! It's the favorite month of many because it's the season of giving and sharing. Yes! 12 more days to Christmas and you can see the streets and malls are all decked with sparkling decorations and Christmas trees. With that, a group of friends in Singapore has gathered together to raise funds for Tea Talk Cafe as well as to create more awareness about this social enterprise.

Early morning, helpers came early to help prepare the food and pack them.

The sale of breakfast begins! 

Look at the queue! :) The sale of food was amazing. 

Look at their cheery smiles :D They were really efficient in being "cashiers" for the day. Many others also gave generously to Tea Talk.

 Men in Red

They assisted in distributing pamphlets and sharing about Tea Talk.

The food was running out fast! Some of the food were home cooked and baked by talented friends... each of them contributed what they could. And they were delicious too!

Friends who came to show their support :) 

The little helper who helps to decorate the area :) And yes, we pasted pictures of the cafe to show people the friendly, warm and cosy cafe.

Donation box for friends to give... we love how the green apple matches the set up.

 Red velvet cupcakes made by Mrs Wong! She is a superb & talented baker.. it tastes very delicious.

 Our pretty server :) 

 One of our best seller - Shepherd's Pies (home-made with mixed vegetables, minced beef and potatoes)

The girls who were selling Tea Talk's merchandises. Look at how they displayed everything so beautifully!!

One of the coordinator for this whole fund-raising event. She was the one who prepared healthy delicious curry chicken and they were all sold out too!

The other coordinator who assisted in gathering friends to raise funds together.

Green and red apples were given out to helpers and decorating the place.

The little girl admiring the Orange & Cranberry Scones... they tasted good too!

More pictures for you to enjoy...

Meet B who helped to publicise more about Tea Talk and videos were shown to fellow friends who came to support.

The hands who prepared the food. Thank you for friends who render their support generously and contributing to Tea Talk!

Tao Suan with Fried fritters (Singapore's local dessert)

Ending off with sweet endings.. Have a sweet festive holiday!