Showcase at Hanoi Towers

On the 1st and 2nd of November, Tea Talk was invited by the Singapore Business Association Vietnam (SBAV) to promote her goods and services. This event was held at Hanoi Towers and Tea Talk was given a prime booth spot. This showcase featured several Singapore businesses already present in Hanoi, and also those that are interested to start one.

Tea Talk's booth was colorfully decorated with a big painting of a tree, and with many pictures of events that are going on at the cafe. (Kudos to these hardworking and creative volunteers!) These young and energized volunteers also devoted 2 days to promote the social work services, events, and food that the cafe serves. They got to meet many Singaporeans too, who were the majority of patrons at this event.

And speaking of food, Tea Talk's booth was kept very busy with the many orders by patrons! Fruit smoothies, kefir smoothies, muffins, cookies and even Singapore Teh Tarik was served! Hai and Van - the barristers, did such a great job meeting all the drink orders, even in a much limited working space! Impressive!

At the end of the event, Tea Talk made many good friends with many Singaporean businesses; some of whom are excited, and want to support what Tea Talk is doing! 

Thank you Tea Talk staff for bringing the cafe to the public. Thank you volunteers for sacrificing your time and believing in Tea Talk. Thank you patrons for coming to the booth. Most of all, thank you SBAV for this opportunity to share what Tea Talk is doing!