Thank You for Making our 2017 Awesome! 😇

Dear our beloved Tea Talk customers and friends,
2017 has been a year full of challenges for Tea Talk since we relocated to a new place. You may still remember the hassles we went through around this time last year. Thankfully, at the same time, 2017 has also been a journey full of hope, grace, love and kindness from people around us. And undoubtedly, no one else but you who made it happen!

On 9th Dec, Tea Talk had the privilege to welcome Wai Kuen and Li Fang, our faithful advocates from Singapore, back for a Christmas Talk with local youths. This time, they not only brought along their family members and church friends but also engaged their contribution to Tea Talk. We were grateful for their precious time sharing about the Christmas story, their generosity in providing food and presents to everyone, and especially, their ongoing trust and support towards our work for the community in Hanoi. All participants expressed how great a time they had that night and are excited to see their dear Singaporean friends again.

On 18th Dec, Tea Talk was honored to be one of the destinations on the exploring journey of 16 teenagers from My First Break (Singapore). On this study tour, the students learned about the Tea Talk work model, in addition to exploring the core values behind our work via different exciting activities. We hope this trip helped them understand our mission in Hanoi, and most importantly, inspired them to contribute their kindness to their home countries in the future.

Some of you may have heard that Michael published a book before he left Vietnam for a sabbatical. This is the incredible account of the journey it took for a social venture called Tea Talk Cafe to shift from dream to reality. "Tea Talk: One Story at a Time" shows us the beauty and wonder of Vietnam and her people through Michael's challenges of starting up a social enterprise in a foreign land. If you have yet to walk through the doors of Tea Talk, where so many lives have been changed, then let this be your opportunity to have the doors opened to you, with the fragrances of faith, hope, and love touching your nose and inviting you to be the next in line to "express your soul".

Tea Talk Story Book is still available for sale! If you want to order one, please:
📚 Leave us a message via this email (for those who are based in Vietnam);
📚 Kindly drop Mrs Linda Sim an email at for a copy in Singapore.