Tea Talk - One Story at a Time

The story behind our dear colleague Luong
that you may not wanna miss 😇

October 4th has seen a number of significant events over the years. In 1927 sculptor Gutzon Borglum began working on Mount Rushmore. In 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik. And in 2011, our dear friend and colleague Luong met Tea Talk’s founder Michael Ong for the first time. Read more...

Three, two, one... Michael's short reflection from the USA

3 months ago, I relinquished all my responsibilities at Tea Talk and left it in the hands of 3 capable ladies, Thuy Trang, Le Huong and Thu Ha. The relinquishing of my responsibilities was challenging, not because there aren't any capable persons to hand my responsibilities over to but because I was still holding on tightly to what I had spent many years dreaming and many tears building. Read more...

Tea Talk - One Story at a Time

Some of you may have heard that Michael published a book before he left Vietnam for a sabbatical. This is the incredible account of the journey it took for a social venture called Tea Talk Cafe to shift from dream to reality. "Tea Talk: One Story at a Time" shows us the beauty and wonder of Vietnam and her people through Michael's challenges of starting up a social enterprise in a foreign land. If you have yet to walk through the doors of Tea Talk, where so many lives have been changed, then let this be your opportunity to have the doors opened to you, with the fragrances of faith, hope, and love touching your nose and inviting you to be the next in line to "express your soul".

Tea Talk - One Story at a Time. If you want to order this book, please:
📚 Leave us a message at hello@teatalkvietnam.com 
(for those who are based in Vietnam and other countries);
📚 Reach us at Tea Talk Singapore (for those who are currently in Singapore).

Here comes the new LetsTalkers!

Let's Talk officially returned in early September with 17 new participants who though different in gender, age, background and perspective, all have sincere interest in mental health and counseling. In the 8th season of Let's Talk, we continue to provide professional training and mentoring/coaching phases in the hope of empowering them to be capable para-counselors for those who seek help in improving their mental wellness.